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Shujah Zeb

Area of Interest:
Development Communication Project


Shujah Zeb

To play a leadership role for formulating and implementing a comprehensive strategy for IT of Pakistan.
In the present world IT play a very important role for the country economic growth. The existing infrastructure is not being properly utilized in several parts of the country.

The issues lead to the comprehension of the problems which are faced by developer in development process. Most of the people are unaware with the latest technologies due to low level of literacy in computer filed. Pakistan Vision 2025 seeks a society in which every citizen has the opportunity to transform their quality of life.

This requires strengthening human and social capital, which will allow the population to optimally contribute and effectively benefit from economic growth. Pakistan lags far behind its peers in areas like education, health and social development. The main objective that has to achieve through the completion of this research is to awareness of people about e-health for their healthy life and how to safe other life?s and we will also analyze which disease is most promising spread in respective area then we should give awareness to people how to maintain their healthy life.