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Young Development Fellow - YDF

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Ali Ahmad Khan Leghari

Area of Interest:
Infrastructure & Regional Connectivity


Ali Ahmad Khan Leghari

"My name is Ali Leghari and I am working as a Young Development Fellow (YDF) in the Infrastructure and Regional Connectivity department in the batch of 2016-17. I am fortunate enough to be part of this exciting and interactive program, which I find to be an enriching phase in career development. My area of specialization is Economics & Development studies and implementation of my previous learning in my current position is very rewarding. I come from the rural areas of southern Punjab and I feel that my experience as a YDF will also contribute in my future goals for the development of rural areas. My early education has been in Aitchison College Lahore and I have a keen interest in sports especially football. I am also an avid digital technology follower and strongly believe that Pakistan’s youth have the potential to attain new heights in the development sector and propel this country forward to where it belongs. I feel that the YDF program is a great initiative in harnessing this potential and using it for improved efficiency in administrative affairs, educational advancement and socio-economic management. The current investment in Pakistan’s infrastructure and CPEC projects offer a great opportunity to learn and propose new ideas for implementation and I am lucky to be on the Infrastructure team. I am extremely passionate about Pakistan and seeing it move forward out of its labelled ‘third world bracket’. I believe that with the right amount of determination along