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Young Development Fellow - YDF

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Bakht J Baryar

Area of Interest:
Peace and Development Unit


Bakht J Baryar

Joining the MoPDR as a Young Development Fellow is nothing less than an honour. The flagship initiative has given me the opportunity to work alongside some of the most able, gifted and talented young leaders from Pakistan. I graduated in Political Economy from King’s College London and I have previously worked with a range of organizations outside Pakistan. My research interests focus on state building, governance in failed states and counter-insurgency. Previously, I have worked on a range of post-conflict development work with Forcier Consulting in Africa and UNDP in Somalia. My research at King’s College London focused around conflict analysis using economic modelling and quantitative forecasting. I intend to use the experience I have gathered from my work and travels around Europe, Africa and the Middle East to add value to the 'Peace and Development Unit' at the MoPDR. I believe that peace is a core prerequisite for meaningful and sustainable development and I aim to work diligently towards achieving a conflict free and peaceful Pakistan.