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I am Faizan Khan, a fresh graduate in Economics from University of Hertfordshire (UK). I am Working as YDF (CPEC) at Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms.
It was not long ago when I first entered the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms in August 2016. Going down my memory lane I can still remember how strange it felt to be exposed to such a diverse and modern environment .However, deep inside my heart I was feeling extremely proud that the time has come now to fulfill my dreams to play my part at one of the best platforms in Pakistan. On one hand I was very excited because a whole new world full of opportunities had opened in front of me. On the other hand like any other fresh graduate I was very apprehensive towards settling down in a Government organization.
There was a strange sense of curiosity about the CPEC program. Lots of questions were arising in my mind about the guidance and support system at the Planning Commission. Is there any policy to tackle national issues or long-term problems? With a long list of queries I walked in to attend the orientation session. Soon everybody was asked to introduce themselves. There were people from all parts of Pakistan who shared their identities confidently. Somehow I kept waiting for others to finish and felt a bit shy to introduce myself. Maybe because I had this perception in mind that I being a foreign graduate, coming into a developing country with a completely different work environment cannot adjust eas