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Anoosha Sehar

Area of Interest:
Health Section MOPDR


Anoosha Sehar

I have joined health section of Planning and Development Division after completing my Master�s of Science in Computational Science and Engineering (CS & E) from NUST, Islamabad. My Master�s thesis was titled �Dynamic modeling of HuR pathway in renal proximal tubule cells: potential induction in Renal Cell Carcinoma�. My project focused on predicting the novel proteins which may be an attractive remedial target for the therapeutic interventions against Renal Cancer. During my Master�s and Bachelor�s degree I have published research articles in reputed international Journals and Conferences.

M. Z. Anwar, A. Sehar, I. Rahman, M. H. Khalid. Gene Locater: Genetic linkage analysis software
using three point testcross. Bioinformation 8(5): 243-245 2012

S. S. A. Zaidi, X. Zhang, M. Z. Anwar, A. Sehar, A. Siddiqua. Statistical Association / Analysis of
the Role of Non-Coding SNPs in Causing Type 1 Diabetes and Gastritis. The Twelfth Asia Pacific
Bioinformatics Conference. Shanghai, China.

I am interested in helping the health section of Planning and Development Division by studying and analyzing the most prevalent diseases through the use of computational modeling techniques and suggest a better treatment. Additionally, I can help in designing and developing Health-Informatics tools and databases. The major uses of healthcare informatics would include electronic record keeping, information dissemination, data tracking, data analysis, and indexing. Healthcare is crucia