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Amna Sarwer

Area of Interest:
Pakistan Vision 2025


Amna Sarwer

Amna Sarwer is an economist who is working as a Young Development Fellow at the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms. She has completed her MPhil in Economics from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics in Islamabad. Previously, she has done B.Sc (Hons) in Economics from Government College University, Lahore. Amna has more than three years of work experience which is concerned with the interrelated issues of humanitarian & economic assistance and social development. She has engaged these issues in her work with various governmental, non-governmental, private organizations and UN agencies in various capacities. She has in-depth understanding of international agencies and donor-funded programs and is intimately familiar with the inter-workings of Government. Thematically, she has vast experience in research, monitoring and evaluation in areas of education, poverty reduction, human resource development and environment. Amna understands key policy issues, frame conditions, achievements and challenges in different sectors of Pakistan and developed programmes and projects in education, human rights, poverty reduction, micro-finance, state regulation, governance, gender and environment. Amna enjoys reading history and political economy.