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Asadullah Khan Niazi

Area of Interest:
Infrastructure & Regional Connectivity


Asadullah Khan Niazi

My name is Asadullah Khan Niazi, and I did my Bachelors in Marketing and Media Studies from Lahore School of Economics.
Working for the Public Sector has been my passion since an early age and it led me to work in research and development at one of the world’s largest Non-Interest Microfinance Fund, Akhuwat. Helping the poorest of the poor in their quest for financial inclusion made me realize that the public sector of our country has a lot of room for underutilized potential. Akhuwat inspired me to cofound an NGO dedicated to Poverty Alleviation through Non-Interest Microfinance. Its first pilot project is currently in launching phase.
Being accepted by the Planning Commission and becoming part of a team that engineers national growth and change is an unparalleled honor. Working for the Government under the supervision of professional giants committed to social and economic development goals of the Vision 2025 has unearthed a world of knowledge and learning experiences.
At the Planning Commission I am one of the few development professionals who have the opportunity to initiate, spearhead and implement a national project. Right now I am working to implement a National Trucking Policy, STEAM initiative in the educational sector and writing a Research Paper on an Economic Corridor linking Gwadar to Central Asian countries.